What's new?

Holy crap! An actual front page update?

The most obvious change is the preview below of recently uploaded files. This goes along with the art preview page that you get to by clicking the art link to the left. It updates through the day with the latest posts.

The older tilde style unix accounts have been moved over to their own sub domains. For exampole, Duncan's website used to be at http://www.macrophile.com/~duncanroo, but now it is at http://duncanroo.macrophile.com. There are redirects in place to keep all the old bookmarks working.

The reason for the move is I am slowly in the process of creating accounts for every user on the discussion board. In the art previews below you can click on the author names to view the placeholder pages. For example, Xilimyth now has a web page at: http://users.macrophile.com/Xilimyth/ Look for improvement and more and more customizations for the end users.

That's all for now. Enjoy the bigness.

Recent Art Uploads
Sat May 16 15:29:50 2015
Fri May 15 16:59:01 2015
Sat May 9 13:45:03 2015
Sat May 9 00:59:42 2015
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Topic: Tribute to a "Wyld" legend
By: thatbumzzz
Topic: Human Giantess Art?
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Topic: Discovering the Power of Growth
Sat May 9 00:51:40 2015
Sat May 9 00:46:37 2015
Sat May 2 15:29:22 2015
Wed Apr 29 18:10:38 2015
By: timid-wolf
Topic: So Hungry He Could Eat A.....
By: timid-wolf
Topic: So Hungry He Could Eat A.....
By: thatbumzzz
Topic: Human Giantess Art?
By: jjj999
Topic: ForestWishArt(Adult)
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