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3.2.3Consumption of others (Voreaphilia)
3.3.1Sexual Exaggeration Hypertorphilia?)
3.3.3Consumption of food (Lipophilia?)
3.3.4Paws (Podophilia)
3.3.5Pregnancy (Graviphilia?)

1 Basic Questions


macro-: 1. being large 2. of [...] a large scale
phile: having a fondness or affinity for
Merriam-Webster, 10th Ed

To put it simply, a Macrophile is a person who has interest or affinity for large scale or size.

To the best of public knowledge, the term was first used in a brief scientific paper The work, authored under the pseudonym of Samuel Ramses, M.D., Ph.D., was titled "Introduction to Macrophilia." (For reference it is reproduced in the Appendix)


Microphilia is the reverse of Macrophilia. It is a strong interes in the small or miniaturized.


Slight confusion arises occasionally. Since any giant inherently dwarfs his or her partner, the two fields can be quite related. A very tiny person would see a world of giants. A giant ould see a world of tiny people. And they both like it.

Often the term 'Macrophile' is used as a catchall phrase for Macrophiles and Microphiles. As quoted by Dr. Ramses, in this position the term Macrophile can be applied to "a person who experienced a exual response to situations involving creatures of greatly differing size."

So basically, a Microphile desires to be the smaller person, a Macrophile desires to be the larger person, and both are subsets of the whole thing that's called Macrophilia.


One of the most difficult lines of definition of Macrophilia is what necessarily compromises a giant or a dwarf.

The human frame at its extremes can be over a 2:1 size difference. It is not uncommon for dwarves near 3 fet and persons more than 6.

While there is almost an inherent selfish desire for power and size, the question begs if the addition of only a few inches or percent in size is actually Macrophilia or not.

Often debated, the general consensus among persos in the macrophile community is that the basic ratio of 2:1 is about where the dividing line where normal desires become macrophilic or microphilic.

2 The Mathematics


The square-cube law, also referred to as spacial math is the basis for measuring and predicting proportional growth statistics.

Essentially as an object increases in height by x, it's surface areas increase by x squared, it's volume increases by x cubed. As an object gets bigger it gets much heavier in proortion.

The base example for principle is that if something became twice as big, it would become 8 times as heavy.

The problem is that as a person got bigger their weight would steadily outstrip their ability to handle it. They would become unable to hld themselves up, and eventually their bones could not support them.

A fine example is the flamingo bird. If such an animal were suddenly grown to the size of an elephant, its supple legs would only be the size of a 2x4 or so, and unable to hold an elephnt's weight.


Yes it does. Many stories, sketches, and fantasies all blatantly violate the ramifications of the square-cube law and could never occur.

The sad news for most macrophiles is that the larges a bipedal creature could probably be and be mobile would be at about 40 feet or so. Even to attain that height, massive non-proportional changes would be necessary.

A fine example is the T. Rex. Each of it's lower legs are nearly equal in weight as it'supper body. They need to be to support it's shear mass.

Even with this apparent limit, fantasies will be what they shall. Just remember that there's an awful lot of size below 40 feet.

3 Related Interests


Macrophilia tends to have a very boad cross-interest appeal. It is tangential to other interests as well as directly encompassing others. Different folks can be attracted to macrophilia for different reasons.


Implicit interests are interests that require or appear amost exclusively in macrophilia.

3.2.1 POWER

Probably the strongest base interest in Macrophilia is the power. The raw physical power of size is what most folks find to be the primary influence. As such, it is the most popular interest to derive pleasure. There seem to be two camps of power interests. The first is those who utilize and display their power through violent acts, sexual and non-sexual. The second camp is those who display power via the implication of danger and violent acts.

3.2.2 GROWTH

Anther interest is in the process of growth. Transformation fetishes are extremely common and can be sub sectioned into a plethora of interests. Growth is one of these transformation interests and is directly rated to macrophile.

Whereas all macrophiles ar not necessarily interested in growth, it's almost impossible for a person interested in growth to not end up a giant. As such, it's an implicit interest.

Growth is typically displayed in two major camps of interests. The first area is that of proportionl growth. The other area, non-proportional growth, is moist often paired with hypertorphilic (exaggerated sexual characteristics) characteristics.


Voreaphilia involves consuming a person while they are alive. Thetwo obvious spheres of interest are those who wished to be consumed, and those who wish to consume others.

The act of consumption may or may not be painful. Some of the eaters almost insist that their subjects feel no pain.

While under special fantasy bsed circumstances an eater can consume another of equal size (and there is a small, dedicated camp for this), by far most Voreaphilic acts occur with giants.

3.2.4 CRUSH

Confinement and death achieved through crushing is an interesting fetish. It is one o a number of the number of fetishes involve folks wishing for and achieving death as part of the highpoint of their interest.

Death related fetishes are often mistaken as a sign of a sick mind. However, otherwise very normal persons can enjoy such intersts and the assumption is fairly baseless.

While it is possible to enjoy this fetish without the involvement of giants, the shear menu of interesting situations and interactions with a gigantic partner that can cause death via a crushing action or maneuvr tends to cause almost all of these persons to be dedicated macrophiles.


Tangential interests are fetishes that do not necessarily require macrophilia to occur, and are often popular outside of macrophilia, however they work welland often appear in macrophilic circles. Some would say they are enhanced by macrophilia.


Another very common theme in macrophilia is Hypertorphilia. Hypertorphilia is an interest with exaggerated sexual charactristics.

Outside of Macrophilia, hypertorphilia is achieved by (sometimes rather extreme) non-proportionality. Macrophilia, by it's very nature, provides a giant scale of sexual organs and other related erotic zones are comparatively enormous in size, fnction, and action.

This results in an interesting sub-group of Hypertorphalic persons who desire their extreme size within a proportional frame. They have no choice but to deal with the giants of macrophilia.

And for those who never have enough, the nn-proportional trend can be continued to produce truly gigantic specimens of interest. (Insert Doug Winger picture here)


The base interest of macrophile is a power based in physical size. Often due to this physical interest, macrophiles end to also show a parallel interest in physical prowess, sometimes to extreme levels.

Both Macrophilia and muscular interests are a desire for physical power, they tend to appeal to the same audience a lot. Again, as with other Tangential interests, theis a positively huge market of muscular interests outside of the macrophile community.

Muscular is one of the grayest macrophile areas. Many folks who are interested in muscle tend to desire a slight increase in overall size and build, often narrowly touhing or sitting on the 2:1 line. Thus, like other Tangential areas it is occasionally the entrance point for a person to discover their own macrophilia.


Aside from normal growth, consumption of extreme amounts of fod is one of the methods to achieve a giant size.

The interest in food consumption as a fetish is again a broad market as are most of the Tangential interests. There is a strong subgroup of folks who achieve and maintain gigantic fantasy sizes by increasigly gigantic amount of food and materials to eat.

Though this is a gray area, much like musculature interest, the folks who have macrophilic interests tend to be markedly more noticeable from those who do not. It's not hard to deem someone who is consumig half of a city as a giant.


Probably the largest and most well known of the Tangential interests is that of the common foot fetishes. Macrophiles present lovely examples of positively giant examples of feet that allow a range of iteractions that is normally barred from most foot fetish fantasies.

As with many of the contact fetishes they can be mixed and matched. A foot fetishist who also is interested in being crushed will find a good home in Macrophilia.


Probably the least known of the tangent fetishes, extreme size through pregnancy is a small but dedicated fetish found in many communities. As with the consumption fetish, it can be used to achieve gigantic size. Again, rare, but there. (Stellos pi)


Last, but definitely not least, is the interest in inflation. The inflation sphere of interest is fairly broad in application and definition. The least of which is the persons who attain gigantic forms through inflation.

Often used as agag in cartoons, the increase of size via air or liquid inflation is a serious deal to its followers. All of it's associated related interests of popping, or not popping, or rubber materials, etc may or may not be included in the giants you find formed frm pumping themselves larger.

Appendix A: Introduction to Macrophilia

by Samuel Ramses, M.D., Ph.D.

The word macrophile is derived from the Latin roots macro, meaning "large", and phile, meaning, loosely, "lover". It was initially coined to refer toa person who experienced a sexual response to situations involving creatures of greatly differing size. In such a situation, one of the creatures must of necessity be a "giant" in relation to the other, and thus macrophile was considered to be a suitably omprehensive term. In recent years, however, the term has come to refer to a person who specifically enjoys the appearance of giant creatures, whereas microphile has been applied to those who prefer creatures who are tiny. For clarity, the term macrophile will be used here in its original, all-inclusive definition.

Macrophilia is a fairly widespread trait, and is found in individuals of many different ethnic and social backgrounds. No common element has yet been found that can point to an environmental cuse, although three characteristics are repeatedly seen:

  • Macrophilia manifests itself in very early childhood. Children with macrophilic tendencies commonly exhibit a sexual or pseudo-sexual response to giants long before physical puberty.

  • Macrophila is almost always a guilty pleasure. This is perhaps related to the previous observation, as sexuality in very young children is looked down upon, and the associated repression and guilt carry over into adulthood. Macrophiles are extremely shy about thei tendencies, even among sympathetic peers, and to a greater degree than other fetishists. It is felt that this is the singular reason that macrophilia has not been more thoroughly reported in the literature of various cultures.

  • Macrophiles usually feel solated, and believe that few if any others share their desires.

  • The specific stimuli which elicit a sexual response in a macrophile, while varied, tend to fall into two broad categories, which are not mutually exclusive. They are summarized here as dirctly sexual situations and indirectly sexual or fixational situations.

Directly sexual stimuli are the more easily understood. These involve situations in which sexual contact occurs between creatures (human or otherwise) whose physical size differs by reater than (as an arbitrary delimiter) a factor of two, and often much more. Such situations commonly involve the following:

  • Full-body contact with the genitalia of a male giant, or full-body insertion into the vagina of a female.

  • Oral contact, in wich the smaller party is licked or taken entirely into the mouth of the giant (see vorarephilia, below)

  • Bathing in or inundation by the sexual fluids of a giant

  • Frotteurism, or masturbation by rubbing of the body against other portions of the giant' person

Indirectly sexual or fixational situations involve other fetishes that often go hand-in-hand with macrophilia. Interestingly, these "other" preoccupations do not always manifest themselves in non-macrophilic situations, but rather will only be oserved when a giant and/or a tiny person are involved. They include:

  • Sadism/masochism: pleasure is achieved by being physically harmed or even killed by a giant

  • Dominance/submission: pleasure is derived from being at the mercy of a giant, or from beng in control of a tiny person

  • Vorarephilia: a fixation with eating or swallowing

  • Crush fixations: a sexual thrill is gained by the act of crushing or of seeing a small creature crushed; a more specific subset is macrophilic podophilia (foot fetishim), in which pleasure is obtained from small creatures being stepped on

  • Destruction: pleasure is obtained from the act of demolishing buildings and/or massive loss of life (often associated with displaced aggression)

  • Bestial fixations: the subject ofdesire is a giant animal, often anthropomorphized (given human characteristics)

  • Excretory fixations

  • Other fixations

As previously stated, the macrophile will often find one or more of these practices unappealing or even repugnant in "normal" situaions; yet, when they are being perpetrated by or upon a giant, they suddenly become attractive. Similarly, the distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality is sometimes blurred or reduced to zero, as staunchly heterosexual macrophiles will often ind themselves attracted to the images of giants or tiny persons of the same sex, and vice-versa.


The subject is a male Caucasian, age 30, from an upper-middle class suburban background, and reportedly from a well-adjusted family. He is hghly educated and has no criminal record. His sense of morals and of civic duty are highly- developed, to the extent that he volunteers frequently for local charitable and relief organizations. The subject reports that since very early childhood he experieced a sexual response in the form of genital erection to films in which giant monsters would destroy cities. He further reports that the strongest response was elicited by the explicit depiction of death by trampling. As an adult, his fantasies continued n the destruction/sadism/crush-fixation fields, and also included vorarephilia as well as directly sexual situations. Despite what might be considered alarmingly antisocial macrophilic fixations, the subject has experienced normal sexual relations in the ast and has shown no signs of violent or unusually destructive behavior.

A simplistic view of macrophilia holds that persons who are of a submissive sexual nature often prefer to view themselves in the role of the tiny person interacting with a giant creture, whereas those of a dominant sexual nature view themselves as a giant. Whereas this may indeed be true in a certain number of cases, it is far from a complete picture. A significant number of macrophiles exhibit the opposite behavior, while others ar content with either role, regardless of their own sexual leanings. This group seems to enjoy the situation itself, rather than the specific role being played, and are thus equally excited by the view from the top, from the bottom, or from that of the omnscient observer.

Any study of psychosexual phenomena should include mention of the question of latency. There are subjects who claim to have developed macrophilic tendencies after postpubescent exposure to it. It is a matter of debate whether these indiiduals are "true" macrophiles who simply did not recognize or were unwilling to acknowledge earlier tendencies, or are simply expanding upon existing tendencies which become much more pronounced when the sexual partner is gigantic. A hypothesis has been pt forth that the question can by answered for purely fixational macrophiles by examining whether a fetish existed before macrophilia was discovered and whether it persists in the absence of a giant; while intuitive, this hypothesis has yet to undergo any igorous testing. Thus, at this time, the question of latent macrophilia remains the subject of debate.

In conclusion, it should be noted once more that macrophilia is far from rare, as evidenced by the growing number of admitted macrophiles that have coe forth in recent years. A suggestion that it is actually quite common can be found in the popularity of cinematic films featuring giant monsters, which draw in enormous crowds and cult followings in spite of sometimes questionable quality. Perhaps, deep n the psyche of many of the thousands of moviegoers, sits the child who wrestled with unfamiliar and frightening sensations at the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, and who now laughs raucously - yet nervously - at the object of desire who rages across the creen, leaving the viewer feeling aroused, nervous, and deeply, utterly alone.

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